Hello and welcome to Right Good. My name is Karolyn Timarkos and a few years back when I was looking for work I had a dreadful year when I sent out over 200 resumés, and only received three replies – all generic rejections. So, I spent months – months – researching how to write a winning resumé. After that I sent five resumés off, and was offered five job interviews. Yay. And now – I want to share that knowledge with others who are stuck where I was to help you get out of that soul-destroying place.

I’ve been working as an instructional designer and technical writer for about 10 years now, and have used some of that knowledge to hone the courses. While I love tech writing, I miss connecting with people and I really miss helping individuals. A lot of my work is corporate or government so you never know what happens to your work or whether it helped anyone – or whether it was even used. So, I’m currently transitioning to a path where I can connect with people more directly and help them at an individual level – help you!

I’m in the process of creating a series of bespoke online courses called Revitalise your resumé How to write a one page wonder. You can read about them on the courses page.

If you’re looking for instructional design or technical writing services, head on over to Complete Learning – I contract to them and they’re a much bigger company than Right Good is, so will better cater to your ID and tech writing needs.

KAROLYN TIMARKOS   +64 21 174 3611